Weird & Wonderful Alternative Seating For Your Home

The seating you choose for your home is a crucial factor in determining what your rooms eventually look like and how you use them. Other than the bathroom and kitchen, we tend to spend the majority of our time in any room sitting down and relaxing rather than standing up so it’s crucial we get this right.

When choosing this seating though, most people won’t be particularly creative or put that much thought into the matter. Instead, they’ll choose the conventional furniture ‘suit’ (two sofas and an arm chair) and have done with it. The only thing that sets apart most people’s furniture is the choice of colour and even that tends to be quite conservativity.

This is a pity though, as there are in fact many other options for your home and a variety of ways you can make your seating more interesting and more conducive to the way you want to spend time in those rooms. Here we will look at some of the best alternatives to just sitting on a sofa.

Bean Bags

Bean bags have a wonderfully ‘bohemian’ feel to them which is great for artists and students. At the same time they allow you to sit in a larger number of ways and instantly make any gathering feel more relaxed and care-free. Bean bags are also particularly good for creating specific ‘sections’ in your home so that one corner of your room can be for more relaxed and fun gatherings for instance.

Floor Cushions

Similarly laid back and bohemian is the floor cushion, which once again allows you to ‘sprawl’ and to feel a bit more relaxed. The great thing about floor cushions is that they can also be used outdoors, which is great for fun evening parties with a few drinks.


It’s not just your main suit that can be replaced with more funky alternatives. If a bed is a little too ‘mainstream’ for you, then perhaps you could benefit from a hammock instead. If nothing else it’s a fun talking point and you’ll find that guests are eager to try it at least once.


There are all kinds of swinging furniture you can use around the home which are a little more fun and active than just sitting still all the time. Whether you want a full-blown swing in your living room, or you just invest in a swing bench for the garden, there are lots of options for less static furniture. Rocking chairs are another option and can be very relaxing.

Chaise Longue

A chaise longue is a firm sofa-type item that you lie back on to relax. These make ideal ‘thinking spots’ for any room as they allow you to lie down without falling asleep. As something a bit different though they also make a great visual statement that’s very classy.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is great for making any garden more useful and is perfect for parties and dinner parties under the stars. However another option is to bring garden furniture in to the home which can have a great eclectic and quirky feel when done right. Perhaps not something you’d want to do for the living room, but in the conservatory it can be a fun statement.

Themed Furniture

If you have kids then they might enjoy themed furniture such as a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. This can also be a quirky option for adults, or alternatively you can pick something a little more arty – such as Salvador Dali’s famous ‘lips sofa’.

Furniture With Extra Features

Most of us will still want to use the conventional furniture as well though as it is very relaxing and useful. To make this more interesting though, why not consider furniture with additional features – for instance, that could mean reclining sectional sofas or chairs with heat pads for warming you up on a cold day.

Round Beds

Hammocks are one alternative ‘bed’ solution but they aren’t entirely practical. A more moderate alternative though is to go with a round bed, which will make a big statement in your room and make it a real feature piece.

Water Beds

Or if you want to enjoy another kind of novelty as you sleep, why not go for water beds? These are great fun to put in the guest rooms and will ensure that your friends queue up to come and stay at your place.


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