Military watch review – Suunto X-Lander: A Perfect Choice for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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Suunto X-Lander Review – Recently, when I met an old friend, he was eulogizing about how awesome the Suunto X-Lander was, which he bought it a year ago. He is in the military and has owned a Suunto-X-Lander for a year now. I have always admired Suunto watches as they have been renowned for providing consumers with first-rate quality and superior technology watches. So after the recent meeting with my old pal, I was convicted to write a review and share with people about this Suunto X-Lander.
As I did my research on the watch, I realise why my friend decided to buy this popular Suunto X-Lander. Why this Suunto X-Lander is popular is because it has proven its accuracy and reliability through a great number of tests. It has a combination of functions which includes altimeter, compass and barometer, all combined in a stylish and high-tech aluminium casing. The Suunto X-Lander is equipped with a mineral crystal glass face and a carbon fiber. It is one tough wristop computer, which is appealing to both soldiers and athletes.
It’s all about the features…


One thing you won’t find on cheaper watches is an altimeter function. The altimeter function features a range from -500m to 9000m, which easily puts 14 of the world’s 8000+ meter summits within the range of your watch. It has different memory functions as well as an adjustable altitude alarm. With the logbook function, you can record the cumulative ascents and descents. Used by people in the mining industry (1000ft underground!), yet they claim that this Suunto offers immaculate depth and compass measurements.

I really like this feature. This Suunto X-Lander displays the barometric pressure (range 8.90 – 32.40 inHg) and temperature (range -20 – +60 C) and it stores pressure information in its memory from the last 4 days. In addition, it also shows the current sea level pressure, which makes it easier for you to understand barometric pressure at high altitudes.

This watch comes with an electronic compass (a must for digital tactical watches), which displays the cardinal or half-cardinal point, and the North-South arrow can display bearings with 3-degree accuracy. An awesome function of this compass is that you can set it to track a certain bearing, which helps you to follow a chosen direction. And not forgetting one very important feature which every real and serious compass should have is the declination adjustment feature. If there are any features that simplify maps and compass work, this is it. Basically, this is a really useful feature for outdoor and military personnel.
Weight and durability does matter!

As we need to wear our sports or military watches on outdoor trips, it makes sense to buy a relatively lightweight one. I saw this other watch some time ago, it was heavy as hell. The consumers were complaining about wearing a mini wrist-weight around. One of the things I really appreciate about this Suunto X-lander is that it is super lightweight as it is made of aluminium, and it is also very durable; specially made for outdoors activity.
Other features of this watch includes 3 daily alarms which is loud enough to wake the dead J, a stop watch with 2 split time measurements, water resistant of 30m, and electroluminescent backlight; this lighting technology greatly reduce the power consumption.

In summary, these are the pros and cons:

Suunto Pros:

– Face always displays useful information, no matter the mode
– Barometric trend shown in Time mode
– Day and Date shown in Time mode
– Compass responsiveness
– Altimeter responsiveness
– Buttons are easy to activate
– Logbook feature
– Huge black clasp is cool/tough looking
– All black + negative face = Darth Vader look J
– Backlight is easy to read at night
– Very lightweight
– Can hold up under tough conditions

Suunto Cons:

– Requires batteries; most watches do, except for the more expensive ones
– Have to hold the “Mode” button for 2 seconds to activate backlight
The cons are not really discouraging as most watches do require batteries, but I must agree that it is quite cumbersome if you want to activate the light. As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons of this watch. I love everything about this Suunto X-lander, including the name, reminds me of a Vin Diesel movie. Not only does the name sounds good, it is backed with great features, nice looking design, an overall quality product I would say. It is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, or if you’re working in outdoor settings like the military.

Does it include a warranty?

Yes you bet! Suunto watches have a proven ability to resist scratches, impacts, and water. Suunto stands firmly behind their products, offering a full 2 year Full Factory Warranty for every watch they produce.

What other consumers are saying

“Supreme accuracy from this small device”
“If you want a reliable, user-friendly all-in-one watch, this is it!”
“Reliable, rugged and easy to use”
“Will buy this watch again!”
Click here to read more reviews from consumers in Amazon who actually use this watch.
How much should you expect to pay?

Suunto X-Lander is sold at for $299 while eBay sells it at $250. But you really shouldn’t be paying any more than $220 for this product. As always, Amazon has the best deal, plus they include free shipping as well.
The watch gained an average of 4/5 stars from consumers in Amazon.


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