Choosing formal shirts for men – Is it really easy?

formal shirt for men

The first concern when dressing a man (ladies!) or getting dressed (men!) is the shirt. Care must always be taken to ensure that the mens long sleeve shirts you wish to wear perfectly match the look you wish to portray.

This is especially the case of formal dress. Dress shirts for men need very little accessorizing. They look stunning straight out of the box. It fits any era, very little change has taken place in the styling of the mens dress shirt since they came into being.

So, finding the perfect dress shirt should be easy, right? Wrong! Mistakes are made in the cheaper version that would usually never happen in the more expensive market. The idea, therefore, is to find a cheaper outlet who supplies a quality dress shirt. If you find one, you are in total control of what you buy, not the expensive pricing of the top range items.

The main point of variation in men shirts is the price. The main reason for price variation is down to label variation. It is quite a task to get the shirt you desire without automatically selecting from the more expensive ranges.
How a shirt is fitted should be a purchaser’s main concern. This is not always the case, as we have already discussed, as price usually narrows down the choice. However, with price taken into account there are a few fitting points of note.

People always assume that only a tailored dress shirt fits perfectly. This is simply not the case. As long as you follow a few simple steps, perfectly fitting shirts can be available straight off the rack.

Whichever shirt you end up with, getting measured is a necessity. Chest and waist should be measured at the largest circumference. Length and back are obvious. Sleeve length is measured from the shoulder to the seam of the cuff.

The most common dimension that most men remember is the collar measurement. This should be the circumference of the neck with an inch added on for comfort.

Getting the fit right by understanding which measurements you need will eliminate garments that do not fit correctly and allow you to concentrate on personal taste and style of those that do.

Getting the ornamentation of the shirt right is crucial. Too formal and people will ask you where the wedding is; dressing down will result in attention of a more negative sense.

Adding a smart print or perhaps a stripe will let you stand out from other shirt-wearers, but make sure the design fits the occasion and the rest of your attire. Buttons at the cuffs as opposed to cufflinks are deemed to be suitable for every occasion. The latter, however, is a definite touch of class to finish off your outfit. However, ornamental cufflinks should always be avoided, especially those depicting cartoon characters. Keep them plain and everyone will be happy.

So, as suggested at the beginning, selecting a formal dress shirt need not be the expensive exercise that you possibly thought it would be at the outset. As long as you have time to look around and you know what measurements you need for your shirt to fit perfectly, the shirt that compliments the rest of your attire is easier to achieve than you thought it would be.


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