Business Suit Caring

caring business suit

Caring for a business suit is not a difficult task, and if you follow these simple steps your new suit can last a lifetime and stay looking fabulous!

1. Hanging Your Business Suit

All new suits should be hanged.0 The hanger shall be designed with wide shoulder supports to keep your suit jacket in shape and looking good!

2. Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Suit

All suits are 100% dry clean only! (and no that is not code for its ok to hand wash) Suits are designed and manufactured through and intricate process with a lot of work going into those fashionably desired shoulder pads, so take my advice: leave cleaning it to the professionals!

Should you find remnants of yesterdays lunch on your business suit it is best to ask your drycleaner to spot-clean the affected area.

Not all stains make it necessary for you to have your business suit completely dry cleaned. In fact, excessive dry-cleaning will reduce the life of your new suit. Periodic brushing with a natural bristle brush and airing outside will freshen up your business suit and assist in the maintenance of its original appearance.

Should your suit acquire some cringe-worthy creasing and need a good press, it is best left to your dry-cleaner. Ask for a press only. However should you discover this crease an hour before your important, career changing board meeting, you can carefully press the affected areas yourself using a damp cloth or sheet of PLAIN paper between your iron and the suits outer fabric.

HINT: when travelling as neither a dry cleaner nor iron may be available you can hang you suit for a few minutes in a steamed up bathroom then leave overnight to dry!!

3. Repairs

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare, sitting down (or bending over) and hearing the sound of a seam tearing! While most damages to your suit due to general wear and tear are unavoidable, the good news is that most damages are repairable. Should your suit require any minor repairs such as a popped button or dropped hem, anyone with a precise sewing hand may find it easy to repair them.

For all us mortals who find it hard enough just threading a needle, minor damages and most major damages can be fixed by a professional tailor for a small fee. (usually $15-$25)

If you take my advice and look after your suit, your new business suit, evening suit or casual suit will last a life time.


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