5 Pieces Of Funiture To Add Some Zest To Your Living Room


The old classic three piece suite and a television in the corner is the traditional choice when it comes to many homes and the décor in the sitting room…but times are a-changing and people don’t necessarily want classic or traditional; people want interesting and even exciting and surprising furniture in their sitting rooms. There are of course certain needs which have to be addressed in terms of practicality…you’re always going to require something comfy to sit on for instance but when it comes to thinking outside of the box, there are some fun ways to add interest to your sitting room and without breaking the bank.

A chaise longue is one of the most indulgent and attractive pieces of furniture which you could add to your sitting room. Chaise longue don’t have to be very traditional in appearance so don’t worry if you’re not keen on the old idea of red velvet upholstery or slippery pink chintz! Today, many designers have begun to upholster their chaise longue in surprising fabrics. Large and contemporary prints and even patchwork have both made an appearance in the design pages lately and when teamed with the classic lines of a chaise longue, the finished product usually looks fabulous.

You can acquire chaise longue quite easily and cheaply still if you’re willing to try and tackle the upholstery yourself; keep an eye out for bargains which may pop up in online auctions and also in local auction houses.

A hanging chair adds instant zest to any room and of course is a lovely place to hang around and relax! If you do install a hanging chair in your sitting room, be aware that they may well be a scuffle for it every time you have visitors! There are a huge amount of hanging chairs out there in vastly differing styles; what you go for will of course depend on your taste but whether you go for plastic, wicker or wood be assured that they are pretty easy to install and once in place they should last for years to come!

A vintage coffee table will have more personality than most of the modern versions which are available on the high street. At furnishinghomes.co.uk we offer a myriad of choices and some particularly stylish versions date from the 1950s and 1960s. If you’re savvy you can pick up a lovely example for just a few pounds online; take note of the silhouette of the coffee tables you admire and even if they’ve seen better days, it’s possible to revamp them very easily.

An antique trunk may not be your first thought when shopping for furniture but you’re missing a trick if you don’t take notice of the many antique trunks which are out there. Tin trunks are very cheap to purchase and make brilliant side tables…pop a lamp on top and use the interior for storage! Again, if the trunk you’ve bought has seen better days, add a layer of paint or decoupage to bring it up to scratch.

A tropical fish cabinet adds a real focal point to a room and for sitting rooms which do not have fireplaces you may be looking for something to fill that blank space up. Simple tropical tanks do not cost a lot and can be picked up second hand for very little. Be warned though…fishkeeping is addictive and because aquariums are so gorgeous to look at you may find yourself planning on adding more and more to it as you grow to love it!

That’s five inexpensive and interesting ways to add zest to your sitting room which won’t break the bank and which serve a practical purpose…choose one or choose all but remember to think outside the box and remain true to your own sense of style as much as possible and you will be blessed with a sitting room you can’t wait to relax in!


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