11 Interesting Points About Platform Bed Plans


Platform bed refers to the bed type that works without box spring. These beds provide sufficient support to the bed mattress. Configurations of platform bed cover an A-line range. These beds generally include a horizontal raised sleeping surface. Unlike spring boards, these beds feature a strong and hard sleeping surface. This strong surface functions to support the mattress. This article deals with some interesting platform bed plans. Some of these platform bed plans are common and some are unique.

Traditional platform bed plans

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Traditional platform bed

As for traditional beds, designs, colors and style are quite clichéd types. However these beds with drawers and wardrobes have good storage capacity. Traditional beds basically imply to wooden platform beds. There is oak, ash, cherry, birch, poplar and many more options from the list for traditional platform bedroom plans.

Contemporary platform bed plans

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Contemporary platform bed

Many contemporary styles are available in affordable price range.

  • Contemporary beds with designed headboard are quite popular. A curve or elegant engraving can make a platform bed elegant.
  • Contemporary beds with low height platform offers stylish look. A supportive base functions as board spring. Even in low height, these beds can offer one or two drawers.

Upholstery platform beds

Hình ảnh có liên quan

These beds with upholstery surface have significant features of traditional platform beds. Upholstered beds can be of two types: leather upholstered and fabric upholstered. Both types are available in brilliant colors like rich chocolate and lighter maple as to fit your home décor.

Leather platform beds

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Leather platform beds

Leather made platform beds are strong, durable and can last for many years. Leather platform bed plans cover a wide range of size, from king size beds to twin beds. Leatherette made beds are also popular these days.

Metal platform bed

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Metal platform bed

Metal beds are generally made of tubular steel or wrought iron. Besides being strong and durable, these are stylish and elegant. Like wooden beds, meal made platform bed can feature a stylish headboard or footboard. Elegant curves and canopies are also great metal platform bed plans. Metal beds have one more advantage. You can repaint and stain it. As such, your bed retains the “new look” for several years.

Bunk and loft bed plans

These types of platform beds are space-saving furniture. These beds contain one or more bed frame on its top. The top bed, being surrounded by railing provides protection. As such more than one person can share these beds. The space under these beds can be utilized as good storage station. Bunk and loft beds with drawers and wardrobes maximize space in your room.

Japanese platform bed plans

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Japanese platform bed

These are simple yet stylish platform bed plans. These beds are closer to the ground. Like other types of platform beds these include no box spring. These beds offer no space underneath. As such, a room can be easily cleaned. Japanese beds are available in different kind of materials, from woods, fabric and leather. To make your bed more stylish, you can select a Japanese type canopies or sleigh bed.

Storage stylish beds

Contemporary wooden platform beds can offer good storage unit. The under space of storage platform beds include chests, wardrobes and drawers. These types of beds can maximize your room space.

Decorate your bedroom with fabulous bed sets

Traditional and contemporary bed sets are available in fabulous designs. Matching bed units like nightstand, mirror and dresser. You can have additional features like chests, wardrobes, armoires. Among solid wood materials, you have choices like, oak, mahogany, poplar, birch, cherry, hickory and many more. In most case, platform bedroom sets offer a wide range of colors and finishes. What I like most about wooden beds is that they can be easily renewed by a wood planer. You can make the surface smooth and new again without lots of effort.

Platform bed plans: choose your color

As for metal platform beds, there are a range of colors available. Some common finishes are graphite, black coral, oxidado, snow, brass, titanium, platina and many more. For wooden furniture you have colors like rich mahogany, Irish orchid, maple, and many more.

Size: Platform beds are available in various sizes. There are large king size beds, mediocre queen size and twin bed size.

Therefore, you have pretty good choice to decorate your room with fabulous platform bed plans and bedroom sets. Collect nice tips from online resources.


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