Weird & Wonderful Alternative Seating For Your Home

The seating you choose for your home is a crucial factor in determining what your rooms eventually look like and how you use them. Other than the bathroom and kitchen, we tend to spend the majority of our time in any room sitting down and relaxing rather than standing up so it’s crucial we get this right.

When choosing this seating though, most people won’t be particularly creative or put that much thought into the matter. Instead, they’ll choose the conventional furniture ‘suit’ (two sofas and an arm chair) and have done with it. The only thing that sets apart most people’s furniture is the choice of colour and even that tends to be quite conservativity.

This is a pity though, as there are in fact many other options for your home and a variety of ways you can make your seating more interesting and more conducive to the way you want to spend time in those rooms. Here we will look at some of the best alternatives to just sitting on a sofa.

Bean Bags

Bean bags have a wonderfully ‘bohemian’ feel to them which is great for artists and students. At the same time they allow you to sit in a larger number of ways and instantly make any gathering feel more relaxed and care-free. Bean bags are also particularly good for creating specific ‘sections’ in your home so that one corner of your room can be for more relaxed and fun gatherings for instance.

Floor Cushions

Similarly laid back and bohemian is the floor cushion, which once again allows you to ‘sprawl’ and to feel a bit more relaxed. The great thing about floor cushions is that they can also be used outdoors, which is great for fun evening parties with a few drinks.


It’s not just your main suit that can be replaced with more funky alternatives. If a bed is a little too ‘mainstream’ for you, then perhaps you could benefit from a hammock instead. If nothing else it’s a fun talking point and you’ll find that guests are eager to try it at least once.


There are all kinds of swinging furniture you can use around the home which are a little more fun and active than just sitting still all the time. Whether you want a full-blown swing in your living room, or you just invest in a swing bench for the garden, there are lots of options for less static furniture. Rocking chairs are another option and can be very relaxing.

Chaise Longue

A chaise longue is a firm sofa-type item that you lie back on to relax. These make ideal ‘thinking spots’ for any room as they allow you to lie down without falling asleep. As something a bit different though they also make a great visual statement that’s very classy.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is great for making any garden more useful and is perfect for parties and dinner parties under the stars. However another option is to bring garden furniture in to the home which can have a great eclectic and quirky feel when done right. Perhaps not something you’d want to do for the living room, but in the conservatory it can be a fun statement.

Themed Furniture

If you have kids then they might enjoy themed furniture such as a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. This can also be a quirky option for adults, or alternatively you can pick something a little more arty – such as Salvador Dali’s famous ‘lips sofa’.

Furniture With Extra Features

Most of us will still want to use the conventional furniture as well though as it is very relaxing and useful. To make this more interesting though, why not consider furniture with additional features – for instance, that could mean reclining sectional sofas or chairs with heat pads for warming you up on a cold day.

Round Beds

Hammocks are one alternative ‘bed’ solution but they aren’t entirely practical. A more moderate alternative though is to go with a round bed, which will make a big statement in your room and make it a real feature piece.

Water Beds

Or if you want to enjoy another kind of novelty as you sleep, why not go for water beds? These are great fun to put in the guest rooms and will ensure that your friends queue up to come and stay at your place.

Going Green and What You Can Do

How You Can Go Green

With the declining health of the planet it is imperative that all individuals become aware of what they can do to change their lifestyles in order to preserve the health of our planet. Without the implementation of appropriate conservation skills and other actions that will benefit the Earth, our ecological system will inevitably fail. In order to prevent ice caps from melting and to provide clean and unpolluted water and air for our future generations, implementing the below ways to go green will help you to save the wonderful planet that we live on.

How to save energy

One of the most important steps to consider when you are determining how to live green is to learn about the ways that you can save energy and/or cut back on your energy consumption. By setting your thermostat a few degrees cooler you will help to save money on your heating and cooling costs, you can also learn to wash your clothes in cold water rather than warm water to save money on your bills as well. Also, many individuals are beginning to reap the benefits of air drying their clothes rather than using machine drying their clothing. With the less energy that is consumed, the less toxic chemicals are pushed into the atmosphere.

Save water as much as possible

Although water may seem like it is an unending resource, there is always the possibility of individuals using too much water which will inevitably dry up our oceans and our lakes. In order to preserve water, take shorter showers, turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, or even implemented a low-flow shower head which will help you to reduce the amount of water that is used while you are in the shower.

Don’t drink water out of water bottles

Although water bottles can prove to be exponentially convenient, they are quite detrimental to the environment. Bottled water is not only expensive to purchase but it also produces an enormous amount of container waste that sits within your local dump for hundreds of years. Instead of purchasing a case of 24 bottles of water from your grocery store you can purchase a reusable container that will provide you with the same great tasting water but for less money and for less of a carbon footprint.

Maintaining the health of planet Earth is of the utmost importance. In order to ensure that this planet is successfully vital in the future, implementing the aforementioned steps will help to provide a safe and lovely environment for our future generations.

Joe is an avid fly fisherman who enjoys trout angling on lonely remote streams. He also is a businessman and reviews sites online and ranks the best businesses to get into. Since being an outdoors man he’s also concerned with environmental issues.

5 Tips To Make Your Home More Marketable

The housing market is slowly and steadily on the rise again. While there will likely be no severe improvement in the near future, houses are being sold on a more consistent basis. This in no way guarantees that you will be able to sell your home quickly or even at all. However, making small improvements to your home not only increases the value of your home, but can also drastically increase its marketability. In the long run, if you are looking to sell your home, it is important to make your home stand out. Unique aspects, incredible features, and a “new” feel can make your home move much more quickly.

With so many homes on the market, and so few homes selling quickly, if you are able to make your home a hot commodity you will not only sell your home more quickly, but also increase the amount for which you sell it at.

When one is looking to increase the marketability of their home, there are several areas which you can invest in that can make the largest difference. Again, these areas can not only decrease the time your home spends on the market, but will also increase the overall value of your home.


Everyone wants a house with curb appeal. Potential buyers will formulate their initial “feel” for a house before even walking in the door. Landscaping, done well, can make a home feel much more valuable and much more welcoming. A small investment, in ensuring that the exterior of your home looks attractive and inviting, can pay back dividends when it brings about a quick sale.

Fresh Paint

Paint can drastically change the look and feel of a home. Regardless of whether it is interior or exterior of your home, adding a fresh layer of paint to the exterior and interior of the house can drastically improve its marketability. As mentioned before, a home’s curb appeal can drastically influence potential buyers. Along with this, fresh paint on the interior not only can make a room more contemporary and unique, but it can also cover up small superficial blemishes that can drive down value. This simple step is fairly inexpensive and can greatly affect the marketability and price of a particular unit.

New Carpet

New carpet can be quite an investment; while it may not be financially feasible to add new carpet throughout your entire house, adding it to a few rooms can make a huge impace. Everyone loves the feel of new carpet under their toes. Adding new carpet makes a room feel brand new. If a homebuyer feels this, they are much more likely to submit an offer.

 New Appliances

Everyone loves new appliances. Having something that is state of the art can be the tipping point for potential buyers. Outdated appliances can make a home feel old and cheap. While this is a more expensive improvement, new appliances can make a kitchen feel “state of the art” and make the entire home feel younger.

Outdoor Living Feature

All home buyers are looking for the same thing: a secluded, safe, place where they relax and feel completely at ease. No feature can provide a contented feeling better than outdoor living feature. Whether it is a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or pool, an outdoor living area can also drastically improve the marketability of your home.

Along with greater marketability, outdoor living areas can have a drastic impact on your home value. It is commonly stated that by adding an outdoor feature, the value of a home increases by double the amount invested. There are few other areas of the home that have this large of an impact.

By implementing any or all of these tips into your home you not only will be able to market your home more easily, and hopefully sell sooner, but you will also be able to, simply, enjoy your home more. All of these tips are beneficial in making a home more marketable because they increase the overall enjoyment one can gain from their home. Who knows, maybe these updates will make you love your home so much, you won’t even want to sell anymore!

A Step By Step Guide to Help You in Buying an Air Compressor

air compressors reviews

An air compressor is a very important tool. It is a modern device that has the task of converting power into kinetic energy by pressurizing air on command. It basically increases the amounts of air in a certain space. Air pressure is increased as you packed the air. This process creates a useful force that is more often than not is used in manufacturing, industrial, personal, and commercial purposes and reasons.

Before you proceed to buying your air compressor, you first have to learn what kind of work or job will you do because the type of air compressor you will buy will highly depend on this factor.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Compressor

If you have thoughts of buying an air compressor, you have to consider the following factors:

The type and kind of air compressor you will need will mostly depend on the given factors. Once you have discovered and learned the pressure and volume requirements needed for your tools to function well and properly, then you have consider the following:

  1. A twin –stack style – ideal for remodeling, roofing, car maintenance, and organized clean-up
  2. A wheelbarrow style – portable and suited for locations or areas where you only have limited space
  3. A pancake style – easy to maneuver and is usually used for mobile and maintenance jobs

A Step By Step Process on Buying an Air Compressor

An air compressor is a very important tool. Because of this, even though air compressors require a huge investment, people are still willing to buy them because of the necessity of air compressors. Listed below is a step by step process on how you can buy and choose the air compressor for you.

  1. Check your balance/money. Decide what kind of investment you’d make between long or short term investments. Inexpensive and cheap units usually do not last very long.
  2. Next, you must also consider the size of the air compressor you want to buy. If you want to buy a small air compressor for all the jobs that you need to do, then you will not be as productive. If you choose to avail or buy a too large air compressor, then you would have wasted money. It is very vital to have knowledge of what needs to be done and what air compressor fits that description of what you need.
  3. Choose the fuel or power source carefully. Do you want an electrical powered or a gas powered air compressor? More often than not, the gas powered air compressor is used for outdoor projects.
  4. Decide how much horsepower you need to accomplish the job. Most air compressor motors have horsepower ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 horsepower.
  5. Compare and decide on the tank size of your air compressor. The tank size is very important because it indicates or implies how long your tools can work. Tank sizes are usually ranging from 1 to 80 gallons.
  6. Find out if it is a portable or stationary type of air compressor.
  7. Compare the air compressors’ performance ratings. The higher the rating and satisfaction rate, the better.
  8. Consider greatly the power sources available to you and are at your disposal. Electric compressors are better in terms of maintenance, costs, and expenses. On the other hand, a gasoline model is more versatile especially when it comes to uses and is also more portable.

Consider that larger tanks are also more suited for the powering tools that are operating continuously. Examples of this would include sanders and drills. There are many factors to consider in buying an air compressor. Make sure that the air compressor you will buy will fit and suit the needs of your work or job. The type and kind of air compressor you would choose will affect how productive you will be. Make sure to choose with care so as to make the investment all worth it.

How to use baby swing for baby colic

Colic for babies is a problem that almost every parent unfortunately has to deal with. As soon as a parent realizes their baby has colic and start telling others, it doesn’t take much time before they have a lot of household remedies on how to give the baby some relief. While a lot of people believe that as time goes on this cures the baby of colic, but there are so many things that can be done right now to get your baby to calm down and even to sleep more, surprised??? Don’t let your baby cry one more day, learn about baby swing for colic. If your heart breaks while watching your baby cry and not being able to sleep, there are ways which have been proven to cure new-borns of their colic, if you want to find out how then keep on reading to find out what you can do to help with that.

baby swing for colic

One of the best methods is movement. When a baby is in constant motion, it seems that the gas which is causing the problem is uncomfortable. There are several different ways to use motion to help with the colic in new born babies but the most convenient and my absolute best is that of a baby swing. Use one of these and you will find yourself asking how you ever lived without it all these while. They aren’t just safe for your baby, but they also allow your baby move softly and gently. A lot of babies always fall asleep when sitting in swings, and it also gives the caretaker some moment of peace. But you should always make sure that you are close by when your new born is in a swing.

baby swing for colic

 A lot of theories have come about from using the swing to cure colics and the most common one is that when they were in the womb, the mother was in constant motion for most of the day. And this constant movement was a sort of comfort to them which they are used to. Why else would babies love us rocking them and swinging them?

A baby with colic, this is very true and to ease the crying as quickly as possible, we have to try and recreate the motions they felt while in the womb. So this is where the baby swing comes into play. Providing a constant motion to help ease the discomfort.

Other ways that can help include, a ride in a car, a walk in a stroller, or even being carried in a baby sling.

The baby swings are useful toys but only useful when you really know how to use them properly. They can also be used for different purposes both indoors and outdoors. But in all, they are best when they are able to calm our crying babies who suffer from colic. One can rewind the swings manually or choose the silent battery-operated ones depending on what suits you best.

What both parties get from Swings

You would think that swings benefit only babies but no it doesn’t. It actually benefits both the parents and the babies. The swings give the parents mostly the moms a chance to rest from carrying of their babies and also from trying to calm or pacify or even out them to sleep. While  the new-borns are usually relaxed and calm while in the swing, the moms or caretakers can ask someone else to keep watch over the babies in the swings while they (caretakers) continue to do their unfinished house work or whatever else they might have lined up for them to do.

From the baby’s angle, the swings save them from the stress of crying. They are also given the opportunity to have some sound and relaxing sleep as there are different models of swings that are magically designed for this purpose. Also models that come with the special gift of built-in toys. These toys provide both fun and entertainment and also help keep the attention of the babies. The babies’ motor and sensory skills can also be improved with the help of these swings as they are specially designed to do so.

Things you should consider when getting a Baby Swing

First and foremost the babies safety. You must make sure that the swing is strongly built meaning built from strong materials with a very strong post and good leg support. This is in order to prevent tilting of the swing. The legs and frame should be neatly and carefully assembled with no ends coming out for you to bump into or tumble over.

The second in line is comfort. You definitely want the swing of your choice to accommodate your baby’s comfortable and relaxing sleep so choose models that come that have well padded and soft seats and also strong straps to strap your baby in and keep him safe. Swings that have the ability to recline are the best for putting your baby to a good and sound sleep.

We alone, can determine the best option for our baby. What’s most important is that we are able to find baby swings that can combine both safety and comfort which are two of the main concerns of any parent/caretaker who wants to give the ultimate best to their babies. So go right ahead and get your baby the most amazing swing right now.

How to Pick Your Own Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

If you take a look at various reviews of lawn mowers from online shops, you will only end up second guessing whether or not the lawn mower you have been eyeing all these while is the right one for you. If you have been doing this method for several times already, it is about time that you get a good guide that will help you settle with the right lawn mower for your needs. In this article, it will focus more on which gas-powered self propelled lawn mower reviews is the right one for you.

What is a Gas-Powered Lawn Mower?

lawn mower

It is just as the name suggests – it is powered by gasoline. It comes with a gas tank, where gas is filled in so that the machine can start operating. Without the gas tank or the gasoline, the gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower will not work. Since it is self propelled, you don’t need to push the lawn mower in order for it to start mowing. It is driven by itself, although you still need to steer it around or it will mow straight right next to your neighbor’s lawn.

Factors to Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

There are various factors and each factor can be treated separately – meaning that it can stand alone as the single factor to choose the right gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower for your needs. You choose it either by the power type or the size of your lawn.

Smaller lawns gets the electric mowers since they are easy to store and even very lightweight. All the user needs to do is just plug the cord or turn the switch on so that the mower can start clipping on the grass. Medium lawns is where you will use the gas-powered self-propelled lawn mowers. Gas-powered lawn mowers are reputed to provide the maximum run-time and power since it doesn’t have any cable to drag along during the mowing process. Larger lawns are also perfect for gas-powered self propelled mowers, too.

Different Gas-Powered Lawn Mower Features

Now it comes with the features. The features let you choose between RWD or FWD, variable or set speed, and electric or recoil start.

Between RWD or FWD, most buyers prefer the rear wheel drive system since it gives them more control over where they can turn the lawn mower. Front wheel drive must always be firmly planted to the ground. If you lift up the FWD lawn mowers, it won’t go forward at all.

Variable speed lets you slow or quicken the speed settings, while the set speed means you have to work with the already fixed speed that the machine is made with. Recoil start makes use of a pull-rope start-up, which is an old style of letting engines run. The electric start will let you start the engine with either the push of a button or turning on a switch.


As for the brand of gas-powered self propelled lawn mower, it is up to you to decide that. Make sure that you refer to user reviews so that you will get a sound decision to which lawn mower is perfect for you.

Pros and Cons of using an air compressor in home improvement

air compressor pros and cons

At some point you have probably heard of air compressors, but you might not know exactly what they are. You probably think they are important, and you would be quite right. Without air compressors we would not have progressed as far as we have, especially in the way of construction. There are a number of tools that are used with air compressors, and they are completely dependent on the air compressor in order to run. The most notable tools are the air pumps and nail guns.

It would actually be fair to say that behind every great construction, crew there is a great air compressor, and in fact there are only a few drawbacks to using one. The first advantage of course being the fact that it does not require electricity. If the job is one that is just getting started, then electricity will not be widely available. In this case, air is a welcome asset as it can power all the tools of the trade, especially if you do not have a generator.

But with advantages come disadvantages, as anyone should know. The biggest disadvantage is that some heavy-duty air compressors are going to require gasoline or diesel to run. There are those that rely on electricity, but that gets to be a problem seeing as how the point of having an air compressor was to avoid electricity.

Gasoline is very expensive these days. Whether or not you can afford the cost of it to run your air compressor is going to be a personal decision. The question now is what type of air compressor will you use (portable air compressors, stationary air compressors, gas or electric, pancake air compressors or hotdog?…), and where will you get your parts?

air compressor parts

air compressor parts

We’re going to cut to the chase here. There are two major brands in the construction industry that almost all contractors use without exception. They are Craftsman and DeWalt. You probably know them. DeWalt is the famous yellow brand, and Craftsman is silver and black. Of course they are not defined by their colors, but rather by their commitment to excellence. They both have a great replacement policy, and Craftsman even guarantees it’s products for life. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that does this.

So how do you get your parts? There are a number of ways, and it is true that most air compressors will be supplied parts from their individual manufacturers. If you wish to get a lower price though, you could always buy from a third party retailer. This includes stores and even websites. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying parts for your air compressor.

It is best not to use auction websites for this type of purchase as it is hard to tell whether or not you are getting a new part. Understand that it is not a good idea to take chances when you buy parts for your air compressor. This being the case, always buy new from either a store or BBB certified internet marketer, and of course make sure that you get parts certified for your particular air compressor. This is the best way to get your air compressor parts.

Military watch review – Suunto X-Lander: A Perfect Choice for the Outdoor Enthusiast

military watch for men

Suunto X-Lander Review – Recently, when I met an old friend, he was eulogizing about how awesome the Suunto X-Lander was, which he bought it a year ago. He is in the military and has owned a Suunto-X-Lander for a year now. I have always admired Suunto watches as they have been renowned for providing consumers with first-rate quality and superior technology watches. So after the recent meeting with my old pal, I was convicted to write a review and share with people about this Suunto X-Lander.
As I did my research on the watch, I realise why my friend decided to buy this popular Suunto X-Lander. Why this Suunto X-Lander is popular is because it has proven its accuracy and reliability through a great number of tests. It has a combination of functions which includes altimeter, compass and barometer, all combined in a stylish and high-tech aluminium casing. The Suunto X-Lander is equipped with a mineral crystal glass face and a carbon fiber. It is one tough wristop computer, which is appealing to both soldiers and athletes.
It’s all about the features…


One thing you won’t find on cheaper watches is an altimeter function. The altimeter function features a range from -500m to 9000m, which easily puts 14 of the world’s 8000+ meter summits within the range of your watch. It has different memory functions as well as an adjustable altitude alarm. With the logbook function, you can record the cumulative ascents and descents. Used by people in the mining industry (1000ft underground!), yet they claim that this Suunto offers immaculate depth and compass measurements.

I really like this feature. This Suunto X-Lander displays the barometric pressure (range 8.90 – 32.40 inHg) and temperature (range -20 – +60 C) and it stores pressure information in its memory from the last 4 days. In addition, it also shows the current sea level pressure, which makes it easier for you to understand barometric pressure at high altitudes.

This watch comes with an electronic compass (a must for digital tactical watches), which displays the cardinal or half-cardinal point, and the North-South arrow can display bearings with 3-degree accuracy. An awesome function of this compass is that you can set it to track a certain bearing, which helps you to follow a chosen direction. And not forgetting one very important feature which every real and serious compass should have is the declination adjustment feature. If there are any features that simplify maps and compass work, this is it. Basically, this is a really useful feature for outdoor and military personnel.
Weight and durability does matter!

As we need to wear our sports or military watches on outdoor trips, it makes sense to buy a relatively lightweight one. I saw this other watch some time ago, it was heavy as hell. The consumers were complaining about wearing a mini wrist-weight around. One of the things I really appreciate about this Suunto X-lander is that it is super lightweight as it is made of aluminium, and it is also very durable; specially made for outdoors activity.
Other features of this watch includes 3 daily alarms which is loud enough to wake the dead J, a stop watch with 2 split time measurements, water resistant of 30m, and electroluminescent backlight; this lighting technology greatly reduce the power consumption.

In summary, these are the pros and cons:

Suunto Pros:

– Face always displays useful information, no matter the mode
– Barometric trend shown in Time mode
– Day and Date shown in Time mode
– Compass responsiveness
– Altimeter responsiveness
– Buttons are easy to activate
– Logbook feature
– Huge black clasp is cool/tough looking
– All black + negative face = Darth Vader look J
– Backlight is easy to read at night
– Very lightweight
– Can hold up under tough conditions

Suunto Cons:

– Requires batteries; most watches do, except for the more expensive ones
– Have to hold the “Mode” button for 2 seconds to activate backlight
The cons are not really discouraging as most watches do require batteries, but I must agree that it is quite cumbersome if you want to activate the light. As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons of this watch. I love everything about this Suunto X-lander, including the name, reminds me of a Vin Diesel movie. Not only does the name sounds good, it is backed with great features, nice looking design, an overall quality product I would say. It is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, or if you’re working in outdoor settings like the military.

Does it include a warranty?

Yes you bet! Suunto watches have a proven ability to resist scratches, impacts, and water. Suunto stands firmly behind their products, offering a full 2 year Full Factory Warranty for every watch they produce.

What other consumers are saying

“Supreme accuracy from this small device”
“If you want a reliable, user-friendly all-in-one watch, this is it!”
“Reliable, rugged and easy to use”
“Will buy this watch again!”
Click here to read more reviews from consumers in Amazon who actually use this watch.
How much should you expect to pay?

Suunto X-Lander is sold at for $299 while eBay sells it at $250. But you really shouldn’t be paying any more than $220 for this product. As always, Amazon has the best deal, plus they include free shipping as well.
The watch gained an average of 4/5 stars from consumers in Amazon.

History of Orient – An Independent Subsidiary of Seiko

orient Japanese watchmaker

Orient is one of the big 4 in the timepiece industry in Japan. They mainly focus on producing mechanical wristwatches. With milestone models such as Grand Prix 100 (1964), Fineness (1967), Power Reserve (1996), Orient has proved their accuracy and reinforced the reputation as the best brand for affordable mechanical watches with in-house movements.

Orient watch was founded in Hino, Tokyo, Japan. (July 13th 1950). It has been a subsidiary of Seiko since 2001 but its wristwatches are designed and manufactured separately from Seiko (For more info about Seiko’s history and their admirable craftsmanship, check out this article: Best Seiko Dive Watches by Robert Donat)

The history of Orient started since 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida opened a watch shop in Ueno Tokyo. At first, he just imported pocketwatches. In 1912, he expanded his business by making wristwatch cases. In 1920, he started Tokyo Tokei Manufacturing which originally produced clocks. In 1934, the company began manufacturing wristwatches.  It had achieved high growth until the eruption of the World War II. Due to the crisis after the war, the factory had to close in 1949. But just one year later Tokyo Tokei Manufacturing was reborn as Tama Keiki Co. Ltd in Hino.


Orient differentiate themselves from other timepiece makers in Japan by producing all their movements and most components of the watch in-house. Here are some important milestones in their history:

In 1951, the managements decided to change Tama Keiki Co. Ltd into Orient Watch Co., Ltd. They produced their first wristwatch, the Orient Star. The name reflects their desire to create a watch which shines like a star not only in term of design but components and quality. Orient’s later classic model like Jupiter and Dynamic was inspired by this model. It has two hands and a subdial to indicate second.

In 1956, Orient released its first timepiece with three hands united in a center pivot. The modern dial was said to have been made by a craftman who craved Arabic numbers on a piece of soap with a razor until the designers satisfied.

In 1960, Orient premier brand, Orient Royal was launched. It was simple but intricate and elegant, which is still a standard of classic and elegant design.

In 1965, Grand Prix 100, the domestic wristwatch with most jewels at that time. The movement had 89 rubies and 11 sapphires.

1967: In the 1960s, timepiece makers were in a race trying to create a thinner wristwatch. Orient succeeded in making the world’s thinnest watch for its time, with proper day and date calendar functions. Fineness model had a 3.9mm movement.

1976, Orient released its first LED watch, the Touchtron.

1979: A new step in manufacturing watches with ultimate accuracy. Orientron Just had an internal IC which memorized the time spent to adjust the watch. It turned the second hand to the correct position when the wearer finished adjusting.

In 2003, the Orient Technical Center (OTC) was established and began assembling luxury wristwatches.

In 2005, Orient launched their first professional dive watches which can satisfy the most demanding diving requirements. This model can work well under 300meter deep. They consisted of  highly shock resistant movements and corrosion resistant dials.

Product lines

Having a narrow range of products line is not a disadvantage for Orient. Their classic and basic mechanical watches are considered a bargain.

Some well-known Orient product lines:

  • Orient Bambino (ER):  Classic and simple

orient bambino

  • Orient Mako and Ray (CEM):  affordable dive watches

orient mako and ray

  • Orient Pro Saturation Diver : Watches for pro divers.

orient saturation pro diver

  • Orient Star : High-class dress watches

orient star

7 Ways to Make E-Mail Less Miserable


Poor e-mail. Remember when it was the darling of the communications world? 1998…admit it, when you heard those words “You’ve Got Mail” you tingled with anticipation. Fast forward to today, and you likely dread the thought of opening your laptop to reveal the inevitable flood of nonsensical e-mail.

But, the undeniable fact is this: e-mail is not going away. You don’t have to love it, but to communicate well today, you simply must learn how to manage it properly. Here are 7 ways to make your e-mail experience far less miserable.

1. Check your inbox less. A lot less.

In 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss suggests immediately reducing your e-mail checking habit to a max of twice per day. Admittedly, I can’t yet take this extreme step. But I’m getting there, and can see major benefits to working uninterrupted. Tasks that used to take an hour (with sneaky little interruptions every 5 minutes) can be completed in 20 minutes of laser focus.

2. Unsubscribe from every mailing list (or close to it).

There is no activity more cleansing for your soul than hitting that “unsubscribe” button. After years of daily e-mails I’ve finally figured out that Old Navy is always having a sale. E-mail is for important communication, not for unrelenting spamvertising.

3. Use GMail.

use google

At first, I was a resistor to GMail. But, as often is the case, I was dead wrong. Automatic filters, unparalleled search capabilities, conversation tracking, and nearly unlimited free storage make GMail a slam dunk. Add in unbeatable spam blocking, and the decision is a no-brainer. You don’t want to give up the AOL account you’ve had since 1998? Keep reading…

4. Forward all e-mail accounts to GMail.

I have a “friend” who used to check 4 separate e-mail accounts multiple times per day (hint: me). Forwarding all e-mails to GMail is an absolute snap, and will save you precious time every single day. Worried that you’ll get all the accounts mixed up? Don’t be. You can pre-set labels so that e-mail from unique accounts is marked as such. Brilliantly, from within GMail, you can also send mail from any outside account.

5. Use your e-mail signature to the fullest.

The e-mail signature is one of the most under-utilized tools out there. Without saying a word, you can instantly provide your e-mail counterpart everything they need to know about you. Include links or icons to your social media accounts. Include a link to your blog. Heck, even include a F.A.Q. link so that you can avoid a back and forth e-mail chain discussing your capabilities.

6. Utilize temporary e-mail addresses.

So you took my advice and unsubscribed from every mailing list? Great! But now Ben & Jerry’s is asking for your e-mail address before they’ll dish out a Chunky Monkey coupon code? Problem solved. Go to and pick out a shiny new e-mail address that will only last a few hours. By the time your ice cream melts your e-mail address will have disappeared.

7. Create e-mail templates for recurring situations.

Tired of getting asked the same questions every day via e-mail? Reduce your stress by creating templates with pre-loaded answers. Swap out the name and a detail or two, and you are good to go. Or even better, as Tim Ferriss suggests, are auto-responders that fire off templated e-mails without even the click of a mouse.


Business Suit Caring

caring business suit

Caring for a business suit is not a difficult task, and if you follow these simple steps your new suit can last a lifetime and stay looking fabulous!

1. Hanging Your Business Suit

All new suits should be hanged.0 The hanger shall be designed with wide shoulder supports to keep your suit jacket in shape and looking good!

2. Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Suit

All suits are 100% dry clean only! (and no that is not code for its ok to hand wash) Suits are designed and manufactured through and intricate process with a lot of work going into those fashionably desired shoulder pads, so take my advice: leave cleaning it to the professionals!

Should you find remnants of yesterdays lunch on your business suit it is best to ask your drycleaner to spot-clean the affected area.

Not all stains make it necessary for you to have your business suit completely dry cleaned. In fact, excessive dry-cleaning will reduce the life of your new suit. Periodic brushing with a natural bristle brush and airing outside will freshen up your business suit and assist in the maintenance of its original appearance.

Should your suit acquire some cringe-worthy creasing and need a good press, it is best left to your dry-cleaner. Ask for a press only. However should you discover this crease an hour before your important, career changing board meeting, you can carefully press the affected areas yourself using a damp cloth or sheet of PLAIN paper between your iron and the suits outer fabric.

HINT: when travelling as neither a dry cleaner nor iron may be available you can hang you suit for a few minutes in a steamed up bathroom then leave overnight to dry!!

3. Repairs

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare, sitting down (or bending over) and hearing the sound of a seam tearing! While most damages to your suit due to general wear and tear are unavoidable, the good news is that most damages are repairable. Should your suit require any minor repairs such as a popped button or dropped hem, anyone with a precise sewing hand may find it easy to repair them.

For all us mortals who find it hard enough just threading a needle, minor damages and most major damages can be fixed by a professional tailor for a small fee. (usually $15-$25)

If you take my advice and look after your suit, your new business suit, evening suit or casual suit will last a life time.

Choosing formal shirts for men – Is it really easy?

formal shirt for men

The first concern when dressing a man (ladies!) or getting dressed (men!) is the shirt. Care must always be taken to ensure that the mens long sleeve shirts you wish to wear perfectly match the look you wish to portray.

This is especially the case of formal dress. Dress shirts for men need very little accessorizing. They look stunning straight out of the box. It fits any era, very little change has taken place in the styling of the mens dress shirt since they came into being.

So, finding the perfect dress shirt should be easy, right? Wrong! Mistakes are made in the cheaper version that would usually never happen in the more expensive market. The idea, therefore, is to find a cheaper outlet who supplies a quality dress shirt. If you find one, you are in total control of what you buy, not the expensive pricing of the top range items.

The main point of variation in men shirts is the price. The main reason for price variation is down to label variation. It is quite a task to get the shirt you desire without automatically selecting from the more expensive ranges.
How a shirt is fitted should be a purchaser’s main concern. This is not always the case, as we have already discussed, as price usually narrows down the choice. However, with price taken into account there are a few fitting points of note.

People always assume that only a tailored dress shirt fits perfectly. This is simply not the case. As long as you follow a few simple steps, perfectly fitting shirts can be available straight off the rack.

Whichever shirt you end up with, getting measured is a necessity. Chest and waist should be measured at the largest circumference. Length and back are obvious. Sleeve length is measured from the shoulder to the seam of the cuff.

The most common dimension that most men remember is the collar measurement. This should be the circumference of the neck with an inch added on for comfort.

Getting the fit right by understanding which measurements you need will eliminate garments that do not fit correctly and allow you to concentrate on personal taste and style of those that do.

Getting the ornamentation of the shirt right is crucial. Too formal and people will ask you where the wedding is; dressing down will result in attention of a more negative sense.

Adding a smart print or perhaps a stripe will let you stand out from other shirt-wearers, but make sure the design fits the occasion and the rest of your attire. Buttons at the cuffs as opposed to cufflinks are deemed to be suitable for every occasion. The latter, however, is a definite touch of class to finish off your outfit. However, ornamental cufflinks should always be avoided, especially those depicting cartoon characters. Keep them plain and everyone will be happy.

So, as suggested at the beginning, selecting a formal dress shirt need not be the expensive exercise that you possibly thought it would be at the outset. As long as you have time to look around and you know what measurements you need for your shirt to fit perfectly, the shirt that compliments the rest of your attire is easier to achieve than you thought it would be.

Different Watches For Different Occasions

If you are anything like me than you want to look your best at all times. I can attest to the fact that looking great outside makes one feel just as great inside. Dressing to fit the situation is somewhat of an importance to me, and I think majority of you will agree with that statement. This includes clothing and accessories you wear on a day to day basis based on where you are going.

If you were entering the gym for a workout, you would not wear your business suit and a platinum diamond studded watch. General rule of thumb is to dress for where you will be. In this case sports watches, maybe even a digital watch, or analog would fit the bill. If you are looking to spend some quality time at the pool in the gym, you may even consider a men’s sports watch, since it shows distance and speed, or a diver’s watch, which will not be affected underwater.

dive watches collection

Some popular dive watches

Men’s watches come in many different styles to match the daily and hectic life they lead. When considering a watch for work, the most commonly used are the ones with metal or leather bracelets. Analog watches are more abundant with work attire.

If a night out on the town with executives to impress is the next affair you will be attending, or maybe taking out that special dame in your life, then consider a more elegant watch, maybe one that showcases your exquisite taste, like a platinum band diamond studded piece. This is a sign of opulence and distinction.

panerai sport watch

Panerai, an upper-class military-style watch

Watches for men are available for all budgets and selections. You can find digital watches for men, analog, chronograph, divers, and everything in between. Quality brand-name and designer watches are made for everyday professional and leisure activities.